What is work and live.ro?

WorkandLive.ro is made by Radio Romania in collaboration with ABU and aims to make an information offer in multilingual digital format for foreign citizens from Asia-Pacific space who are legally at work in Romania, in accordance with the public mission entrusted to Radio Romania and all public broadcasters in ABU.

The demographic evolution registered in recent years has generated major changes in the labor market in Romania. Thus, the departure of more than 5 million Romanian citizens led to the appearance of a major shortage of employees in the country. That is why the Romanian labor market has opened up for workers from abroad, people who mostly come from Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc. which can be found in almost all areas of Romania.
Foreign workers arriving in Romania often face difficulties in accessing information necessary for everyday life, information related to the rights and obligations they have, where they can report certain problems related to labor relations, how they can access the health system and what facilities they have, whether they can benefit from certain facilities, etc.
WorkandLive.ro aims to support foreign citizens from Asia-Pacific and to contribute to the ease of their lives on the territory of Romania The news is made on the basis of the public information necessary or intended exclusively for these workers provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour, the County Directorates of Labour, the professional associations in the fields in which this workforce was attracted, of other governmental or non-governmental bodies. The Workandlive.ro website and application contain the news in
text-image-audio format in Romanian, in English and, with the support of ABU, in the languages of foreign workers in Romania.

Keep in mind, we want to know what problems you have and we await your questions at workandlive.ro@gmail.com..